We are a comparatively new entrant in the international field of Colorants, representing a coming together of people with technical expertise & vast experience in the field of international sourcing & marketing of various Pigments, specially High Performance Pigments.

Having started off as a company focusing on Pigments, we have now added specialty Solvent Dyes and Fluorescent Pigments to our range (and will soon have Flushes for Inks and PE Flushes for MB), without losing our focus on Pigments.

We offer (some are under development) Organic Pigments, Azo Pigments, Diarylide Pigments, Bisacetoacetarylide Pigments, Disazo Condensation Pigments, Isoindoline Pigments, Benzimidazolone Pigments, Disazo Pyrazolone Pigments, Naphthol Pigments, B-Naphthol Pigments, BONA Pigments, Triarylcarbonium Pigments, Quinacridone Pigments, Dioxazine Pigments, Phthalocyanine Pigments, Pigment Toners, Fluorescent Pigments & Solvent Dyes for use in Printing Ink, Paint, Coatings, Universal Stainers, Colorants, Dispersions, Rubber, Plastics, Masterbatches, Paper, Textile Emulsions/Printing, Detergent etc..

We can offer most of these Pigments as High Solids Presscake, which are ideal for Flushes, Pigment Dispersions with High Pigment loading etc..

If what you need is not in our current range, we may be able to develop it. Enquire with us.

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